Our factory-trained engineers are available round the clock to meet any of your vessels requirements in the UAE and GCC ports. We are authorized sales & service agents for the following manufacturers.
Shinko Industries Ltd. Cargo / Ballast, Centrifugal, Steam Turbines, Turbo Generators/Feed Pumps, AUS (Automatic unloading systems)
Taikoku Machinery Works Ltd. Centrifugal Pumps
Taiko Kikai Industries Co. Ltd. Screw, Gear & Centrifugal Pumps, Oily Water Separator, Sewage Treatment Plant
Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. Submersible Cargo Pumps
Fukui Seisakusho Co. Ltd. Cryogenic Safety Retref Valve and Boiler / Steam Safety Valve
Fukushima Ltd. Hydrautrc Deck Machinery.
Kokuho Company High performance automatic welding machines
Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. Submersible Cargo Pumps
Kurita Water Industries Ltd. Superior Machine Chemicals for Boiler water & Diesel Engine cooling systems
Miura Protec Co. Ltd. Marine Boilers & Incenerators.
Musashino Co. Ltd. Cargo & Ballast tank level gauging equipment
Kashiwa Co., Ltd. N2 Generator, IG Generator & Fire Fighting (Extinguishing) System
Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo K.K. Gas Detection System, Gas Detector & Alcohol Test Kit
Nakakita Seisakusho Co. Ltd. Cargo & Ballast valves and Control Systems
Nikura Corporation Pressure / Vacuum Valves, Pipe Fittings, Valves Scupper plugs, storm valves, air vents heads
Osaka Valve Co. Ltd. Cryogenic Valves for LNG/LPG applications
Takashina Life preservers Co. Ltd. Inherently Buoyant Insulated Immersion suits.
Volcano Co. Ltd. Incinerators, Burner management system.
Akasaka Diesels Ltd. Marine Diesel Engines (UEC)
Makita Corporation Marine Diesel Engine (B&W)
LK Valves General valves and quick closing valve systems
Repairs & Supervision

Technical consultancy for dry docking/ afloat supervision/ arrangement of any emergency repairs onboard your vessels such as diesel engine overhaul/survey, in-water survey and underwater repairs, overhaul/repair of AC/DC electrical equipment, overhaul of deck and engine auxiliary machinery, air-conditioning & refrigeration machinery, steel and pipe fabrication, boiler repairs/survey, automation work, arrangement of de-slopping facilities etc.

Makers representation for (NBS) New Building Ships in Operation
  • Equipment supply to shipyards for new building ships.
  • Equipment supply including modification job for ships in operation.
  • Equipment supply for FPSO/FSO new building or conversion.
  • Arrange manufacturer's supervisor at shipyard or dry docks.
  • Co-ordination between the ship-owners and the manufacturers for the selection of the equipment for new ship building projects.

With our longstanding relationships with the manufacturers and shipyards, we can procure any type of machinery / equipment for your vessels and provide prompt after sales support.

We procure & supply original parts from European, Japanese, South Korean & American manufacturers to a network of clients across the world. Direct procurement helps us guarantee shorter delivery time & lower price.
Annual / Five Yearly inspection of Lifeboats, Hook release & Launching Devices as per MSC1/CIRC1206

We are authorised inspectors for the following makers:

  • Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd. Japan (Lifeboat Davit & Winch)
  • Manei Inc. (Lifeboat Davit & Winch)
  • Miura Machine Co. Ltd. (Ex; Miura Vider Co, Ltd) Japan (Boat Davit & Winch Manufacturer)
  • Shigi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Japan (Conventional lifeboat & release gear)
  • Nishi-F Co. Ltd. Japan. (Ex: Ishihara Dockyard Co. Ltd) (Conventional Lifeboat & release gear)
  • Tsuneishi Holding Corporation, Japan. (Conventional lifeboat & release gear)
  • Zhenjiang Marine, China (Boat Davit & Winch Maker)
  • WUXI Haihong, China (Conventional lifeboat & release gear)