High Performance Synthetic Rope Solutions

Mooring, Ship Assist and Offshore: Go Wireless...

Lightweight, high strength Samson synthetic Rope save time and money while increasing safety and reducing demands on crew.

  • Size for size replacement for wire ropes
  • As strong. Or stronger than same size wire ropes
  • 1/7th the weight of wire - easily handled by reduced crews
  • Increased safety - no fish hooks, reduced recoil on parting
  • Less maintenance - no re-lubing, wear on deck hardware eliminated
  • Outlasts wire by at least 3 to 1
Synthetic Ropes
  • 8 & 12 Strand, Braided & Double Braided, Polypropylene, Polyester,Nylon & Mixed Fiber Mooring Ropes, Mooring Tails & Grommet.
Wire Ropes
  • Mooring wires
  • Lifting Slings
  • Non Rotating
  • Crane wires